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Paradigma International

Between all US States and territories, we can empower your litigation with clear and concise legal research.

Our clients:

  • Solo practitioners
  • Small- to mid-sized boutique law firms
  • Federal and State agencies

Our deliverables:

  • Time-sensitive intelligence on applicable federal civil case laws, statutes, regulations, and related judicial opinions
  • Comprehensive, clear and concise legal research and analysis on federally-related civil matters
  • Concrete breakdown of specific judges' past decisions and procedural histories

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From the War Room'...

Our cost-effective research preparation empowers your courtroom presentation with reliable facts and figures. 

To the Courtroom

When time and opportunity seems lost, our legal research discovers and analyzes data necessary for a complete appeal.

Specialized Matters


Bilingual paralegal(s) preparing and submitting various immigration forms, applications, and related documents with those United States' visas and citizenship statuses for Latino/Hispanic applicants. Se habla español.


Twenty-five plus years of civil litigation experiences with federal, Minnesota, Georgia, Maryland, District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia matters. Working with a nationwide network of paralegals for both federal civil district and appellate matters throughout each circuit.


Currently performing both Spanish and English notarial and real estate closing services throughout Minnesota as a Licensed Minnesota Real Estate Closing Agent (No. 40761228). Whether it is online or mobile, there is a combined twelve-plus of experience as a Notary for Maryland, Georgia, and Minnesota.

Why Paradigma?

De Novo...

Paradigm – word from the Greek translation reflects "benchmark," "setting the model," or "creating a template." These are traits synonymous with our reach for "excellence."

Paraprofessionals are those persons lending valuable assistance to those whom they serve or for whom they are supervised, bringing to fruition a common goal/task. We have an extensive nationwide network of such paraprofessionals.

Professionalism describes the ability to perform efficiently and effectively in time-sensitive situations without compromising results. Consistency. Not complacency.

Punctuality assures promptness in our deliverables. No excuses. Just results. Time is of the essence!

Products are reliable and quantifiable, derived my competency and quality using diligence and creativity to 'think outside the box' without being 'boxed in.' In addition, the use of Westlaw Edge allows full and comprehensive reporting of all applicable primary; secondary authorities; and litigation analytics!

Proficiency is the undeniable ability/skill to present a well-written synopsis, or memoranda, electronically to allow an easier transition into your 'war room as another 'weapon.'

Pricing is very competitive among our competitors. You are not paying for licensed attorneys to do your work, but nonlawyers, who are highly skilled, trained, and committed in their absolute resolve for your complete satisfaction.

Truthfulness and transparency are our staples to ensure your loyalty. Billing and payments are simplified and streamlined.

Ergo, the Greek letter "P" represents more than a clever alliteration of rhetoric... it represents a perennial practice of proven philosophy as a paraprofessional. Altogether, our information empowers your litigation!

"Well done is better than well said." —Benjamin Franklin

Monthly Promotion

Promotion for December 2021 is a two (2) hour credit, all pre-paid legal research; 10% discount for all completed services of process; and 5% discount of all notarial acts.

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