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On November 15, 2021, President Joseph R. Biden signed into law the $1.2 Trillion the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that includes $550 billion in new funding for hard infrastructure changes, which include, but are not limited to, rebuilding roads and bridges, water infrastructure, airports, etc. It allocates the following:

  • $110 billion for construction, repair, and research for roads and bridges;
  • $66 billion to upgrade and maintain the country’s passenger and freight rail systems;
  • $50-plus billion to protect infrastructure from cybersecurity attacks;
  • $25 billion for upgrades and expansions of U.S. airports, control towers and systems;
  • $17 billion for port infrastructure and truck emissions at ports; and
  • $11 billion to address highway, pedestrian, pipeline, and other safety areas.

In addition, on August 9, 2022, President Joseph R. Biden signed into law the $280 Billion CHIPS and Science Act that subsidizes the U.S. semiconductor industry and boost efforts to make the United States more competitive with China in areas of nanotechnology, clean energy, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. The bill (now law) provides $52 billion in subsidies for chip manufacturing and research. Moreover, it will strengthen American manufacturing, supply chains, and national security!


The logistics industry facilitates the trade entrepreneurial activities between two or more parties by means of transporting, storing, and delivering goods through either B2B, B2C, or C2C supply chain networks. At the present time, logistics companies implement cargo transportation services by land, air, and water while adapting to the changing nature of the economic patterns and digitization.


According to reports by, this age-old industry since the beginning of time continues to be one of the backbones of international trade worth over 8.4 trillion euros in 2021. Within the same year, the global freight and logistics market was worth almost 14.56 billion U.S. dollars with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% to $15.71 billion in 2022.


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