About Us

A chain link circle with the letter h in it.


Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC® brings together -both paralegal and global logistical services- respectively via Paradigma International and 3H Logix International.  We shall provide qualitative and quantitative deliverables by current, competent, and compliant means for their efficiency and efficacy in matters involving immigration, litigation, notarization, and transportation. Notwithstanding, we shall do so with exceptional and exemplary concentrated effort and execution for our clients and customers -the “missing link”.


  • The colors of platinum and gold represent the value of the world's most precious metals.
  • The platinum chain represents the interconnected ecosystems of the global supply chain and our paralegal services.
  • The links are our customers, vendors, partners, and other resources.
  • The HHH monogram, like our company, is bold, innovative, multi-dimensional, yet, homogenous, and officially registered.
  • The gold-lettered credo - Providing the Missing Link - speaks for itself.
  • The forty (40) links represent deliverance…we deliver on our promises.
  • The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC® is a Minnesota-based business that specializes in different forms of paralegal and global logistical services. We are NOT a "holding company". We are wholly owned and operated. We are NOT a "franchisee". The following summarily identifies the "who" and "what" therefrom:

  • Immigration Forms Specialist
  • Legal Research/Analysis Expert
  • Minnesota Notary 
  • Minnesota Real Estate Closing Agent
  • Remote/Online Notarial Services
  • Freight-Brokering
  • Freight-Forwarding
  • Invoicing with Incoterms® for Importers/Exporters
  • TSA-approved Indirect Air Carrier
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Warehousing
  • U.S. Customs Clearing

We are proud to be:

  • Bilingual (Spanish, English)
  • Certified Veteran-owned and operated
  • Corporate Member with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau (MnBBB); the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce (MnCoC); and the Minnesota Land Title Association (MLTA)
  • Customer- and Service-Oriented
  • Guided by President & Founder Laurence "Lorenzo" Henderson
  • Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Registered.
  • Minority-owned and operated

Divisions of Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC ®

A logo of 3 h logix international


Shall be providing logistical services for the importation and exportation of specific high-valued shipments and refrigerated goods with U.S. Customs Bonded warehousing; U.S. Customs Clearing; and International Freight-Forwarding before mid-2024. Please email 3H@hhhlogix.us for more details.

A silver and black logo for the international litigation firm paradigma.


Providing paralegal services to include, but not limited to, Immigration Forms Assistance; Federal Civil Litigation support; and Minnesota notarizations (e.g., mobile, online, and real estate closing). Please email paradigma@hhhlegal.us for more details.