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Under the new Public Law 117-58, as signed on November 15, 2021, by President Joseph Biden, the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act [the “Act”] includes $550 billion in new funding for hard infrastructure changes that include, but not limited to, rebuild roads and bridges, water infrastructure, airports, etc. It allocates the following:

  • $110 billion for construction, repair, and research for roads and bridges;
  • $66 billion to upgrade and maintain the country’s passenger and freight rail systems;
  • $50-plus billion to protect infrastructure from cybersecurity attacks;
  • $25 billion for upgrades and expansions of U.S. airports, control towers, and systems;
  • $17 billion for port infrastructure and truck emissions at ports; and
  • $11 billion to address highway, pedestrian, pipeline, and other safety areas.

The logistics industry facilitates the trade entrepreneurial activities between two or more parties by means of transporting, storing, and delivering goods through either B2B, B2C, or C2C supply chain networks. At the present time, logistics companies implement cargo transportation services by land, air, and water while adapting to the changing nature of the economic patterns and digitization.

According to reports by, this age-old industry since the beginning of time continues to be one of the backbones of international trade worth over 5.5 trillion euros in 2018.[[1]]( In 2020, the global logistics market was worth almost 8.6 trillion U.S. dollars. This notwithstanding, North America was the second-largest region in that year, accounting for approximately 2 trillion U.S. dollars. Notwithstanding, the contributions to the global economies of scale have been the ‘backbone’ of this industry’s continued success.

3H Logix International Prospective Services

Global Logistics is the management process that analyzes how material resources are acquired, stored, and transported. Currently, this is a $600-billion dollar industry growing exponentially annually in sales revenue that it will exceed expectations to reach the trillion-dollar benchmark by 2023!

3H Logix wants to add to this growing International phenomenon by becoming a unique, and empowering entity dedicated to a full-service concierge to its clients. How so? Simple. A "one-stop“ experience with the following services:

The International Logistics Industry is very expansive, yet very inclusive. It is an industry yielding over $600 billion in annual sales revenue. HHH projects a .001% ownership of this total, and it still equates to $6 million in annual sales revenue within five (5) years. This is very aggressive, yet very realistic. Working closely with the Department of Homeland Security and having a bonded warehouse that provides all services-related to International shipping/receiving, is huge, and somewhat unprecedented. This notwithstanding, we can produce such revenue streams that benefits our customers while maintaining our sustainability and profitability.

Additional future services as a:



*HHH Logix *wants to add to this growing international phenomenon by becoming a unique, and empowering entity dedicated to a full-service concierge to its clients. How so? Simple. A “one-stop” experience with the following services:


Between the ‘grass roots’ of working for Delta Cargo and FedEx, an urgency was born to service those who are not as privileged as corporate America, but who deserves equal opportunity to succeed in global logistics with their goods both efficiently and effectively. We, HHH Logix, will be ‘providing the missing link’.

HHH Logix will offer more services globally via 3PL through and with InXpress USA, DHL Global Forwarding, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions, our future business partners. Whether it will be the storage, transport or clearing of high-value international imports/exports that includes, but not limited to, precious metals/stones, medical equipment/supplies, certain agricultural and perishable goods (e.g., coffee beans and seafood), and of course, military dignified transfers[[6]](

​By 2025, *HHH Logix *will be expecting 15% annual growth in gross revenue after our first year of operation in 2022, and every year thereafter with very little overhead. Hence, a much larger profit margin and bigger savings for you! Poised and positioned with who have proven business strategic models with international 3PL, our dreams to service globally will become a long-term reality. What does this mean for our customers? More savings through bundled services.

(Footnotes below as hyperlinks as presented within the text respectively.)

[[1]]( See [Logistics industry worldwide - statistics & facts | Statista](

​[[2]]( Incoterms® are internationally accepted commercial terms defining the respective roles and responsibilities of the buyer and seller in the arrangement of transportation. These clarify the tasks, risks and costs borne by either the buyer or the seller and are used in conjunction with a sales agreement or other method of transacting the sale.

[[3]]( In Incoterms® 2021 rules, the seller is now responsible for purchasing a higher level of insurance coverage that at least 110% of the value of the goods as detailed in Clause A of the Institute Cargo Clauses. Where the Incoterms 2021’s the minimum ratio was the Institute Cargo Clauses C.

​[[4]]( According to [](, a customs bonded warehouse is a building or other secured area in which imported dutiable merchandise may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty for up to five (5) years from the date of importation. Upon entry of goods into the warehouse, the warehouse proprietor incurs a liability for the merchandise under a warehouse bond. This liability is generally cancelled when the merchandise is: (1) exported; (2) withdrawn for supplies to a vessel or aircraft; (3) destroyed under CBP supervisions; or (4) withdrawn for consumption within the United States after payment of duty.

[[5]]( Advantages of using a bonded warehouse. According to [](, Duty is not collected until the merchandise is withdrawn for consumption. An importer, therefore, has control over use of his money until the duty is paid upon withdrawal of the merchandise. Many items subject to restrictions may or may be stored in a bonded warehouse.

[[6]]( In the United States Armed Forces, a dignified transfer is a procedure honoring the return of the remains of a servicemember from the theater of operations where they have died in the service of the United States. The transfer is conducted upon arrival at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, from the arriving aircraft to a transfer vehicle, which then proceeds to the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs.

What Can 3H Logix Do for You?

3H Logix can offer more globally via shipping, receiving, packaging, inspecting, examining, and in certain cases, "inbond" transporting of freight/cargo, to include, but not limited to, dangerous goods, durable goods, household goods, and military dignified transfers.

Financially competitive with highly qualified customer service and account managers. All provided services are completed timely, securely, efficiently, and consistently with customer satisfaction highly guaranteed!

Poised and positioned with InXpress USA, our newest business partner, who has a very strong proven business model with International shipping/receiving of LTL to include, but not limited to palletized" freight/cargo. Moreover, InXpress USA is an exclusive reseller of DHL Global Logistics services.

By 2023, 3H Logix is expecting 15% annual growth exponentially in gross revenue after our first year of operation in 2018, and every year thereafter with very little overhead or expenses; hence, a much larger profit margin and bigger savings for you!

Again, our primary focuses are small- to medium-sized, minority businesses that generate $10,000.00, or less, in gross monthly revenues. Our passion... our profession... your vision... 3H Logix wants to earn your trust... your loyalty. #Accountability #Integrity #Reliability

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