Corporate Citizenship

Promoting the Value of Corporate Citizenship to Businesses

Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC™ in Eagan, Minnesota, specializes in providing international logistics and paralegal/compliance services.

As a growing, service- and customer-oriented company, we perform our social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities to our future stakeholders while reflecting the needs of our current customers within their respective global communities. Go Green!

An Important Responsibility

Developing your company’s corporate citizenship can help you achieve key business goals that are essential for progress. By fulfilling this responsibility, your business can reduce financial risk and boost employee performance.

How Does It Affect Customers

Focusing on corporate citizenship can help promote a professional relationship between clients and companies. This social responsibility holds businesses accountable for their actions and services provided for their customers.

Company Benefits

We recognize how corporate citizenship helps create a positive impact on employee engagement. It can boost operating income, increase productivity, and attract new talents to the company.