Our mission statement of being the "missing link" provides that we demonstrate nonpareil exemplary customer service, steadfast competency and uncompromising due-diligence in every phase of our Operation and Administration in accordance with all applicable Federal and International laws and regulations thereto.  Accountability. Integrity. Reliability.

The "missing link" is the essence of our business approach  towards the education, empowerment and enrichment for all.  In so doing, all receive "white glove" service with a "red carpet" approach with our B2B and B2C relationships both domestic and international. 

Our Logo...

Resonated with the primary colors of platinum and gold that represents the value of the world's most precious metals.  In doing so, this becomes a part of our corporate 'DNA'.

The links of the platinum-chain encompasses both the supply chain and legal services ecosystems. There are many connected links that identify our customers, vendors and other resources respectively. Ergo, the chain is as strong as its 'weakest' or 'missing link'.

Next, those initials that are inside of the chain? Well, they represent the company itself: Henderson & Henderson Holdings. See the bold, multi-dimensional effect that it illustrates? Well, it demonstrates our position now and moving forward -both boldly and efficiently.

Lastly, the gold-credo speaks for itself. We place the highest value in our 'customer service'...our 'missing link'!