Chief Executive Officer / Managing Member

Laurence "Lorenzo" Henderson is a decorated military veteran, who served honorably during the extradition of President Manuel Noriega with Operation Just Cause, and during the Persian Gulf War for Operations Desert Shield and Storm.

Lorenzo achieved an illustrious career as a litigation paralegal working in the Washington, D.C. areas with the world's most prominent law firms. In addition, Lorenzo served with Offices of the General Counsel with The Washington Post; American Trucking Association; and the Federal Election Commission respectively.  

In the latter position, Lorenzo performed with a litigation team drafting notable briefs after diligent legal research in coordination with attorneys before the United States Supreme Court (and other federal courts) involving the enforcement of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, and other paralegal support tasks.

After leaving the private sector, Lorenzo sought to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors as a Civil Process Server.  He served successfully, and without contest, over 1,000 writs and subpoenas with an 85% success rate!  Contemporaneously, Lorenzo also supervised various high-profile security details at the areas largest sports and entertainment venues in Atlanta and Washington, DC. 

As the years passes, Lorenzo continued with Delta Air Lines, Inc. There he worked inside of the Ramp and Cargo Operations as an Aircraft Load Agent (Ramp) and Material Handler/Cargo Acceptance Agent. From loading and unloading...shipping and warehousing International freight/cargo, Lorenzo is very well versed in every facet of Global Logistics.

Given the myriad of professional experiences, Lorenzo has decided to pool his experiences conjunctive with the other members of his management team to provide the "missing link" for its customers, clients and colleagues.



 Chief Logistics Officer / Member

Floyd Kelsey Warren, III, is a highly decorated, and retired, senior non-commissioned military logistics officer with an intense and expansive knowledge of, but not limited to, strategic operations planning; logistics management and analysis; warehouses and distribution; inventory management; and of course, quality control and assurance.

As a part of the Management team with Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC, Floyd provides superb expertise for the execution and extension of those services necessary, and provided by our logistics' division, 3H Logix International, for a smooth and efficient handling of International freight and cargo. 

Furthermore, Floyd facilitates better collaborations of B2B and B2C ecosystems that promote positive and creative changes within our Global Logistics Operations to include, but not limited to, our future matters involving United States Customs Bonded warehouses, customs clearing, distribution, and transportation of various goods.



Governmental Strategist

Camelia "Cami" Mazard is a very well respected subject matter expert in those areas including, but not limited to,  International Arbitrage.  In addition, over the past thirty (30) years in Washington, D.C. , Cami has become a virtual political powerbroker within those legislative circles while operating as Managing Member of the prestigious law firm Doyle, Barlow & Mazard, PLLC.

Notwithstanding, with an illustrious legal and political background, Cami provides her expertise that enables, if not empowers, Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC to do business legitimately and competently globally on matters concerning contracting particularly regarding GSA Schedules and Government-wide Acquisition contracts; global mobilization of business practices involving logistics, and its improving infrastructure.



Chief Digital Information Officer / Member

 From crypto to cyber…from the military to banking…James Eric Williams, yet another decorated military veteran, and now a Member of Henderson & Henderson Holdings, LLC, brings a plethora of experiences ranging within cryptographic key management and cybersecurity that enhances the information technology and computer network systems in support of the financial goals and objectives for this global company.

As the Chief Digital Information Officer, Eric --both poised and professional—positions the entirety of Henderson & Henderson, and its respective divisions, to remain consistent and congruent in the everchanging digital age that allows for better customer service and business optimization.


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Business Strategist/Marketing Officer